Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Ole New Years Resolutions!!

Every year we all set our New Years resolutions in place. Were raring to go like horses at the race tracks waiting for that gate to open and the gun to bang! Go...........Well for me not this year. I'm so tired of setting goals that are as high as the stars for me to reach just knowing that there is no ladder high enough for me to climb to get up to them! I always set my goals too high and way to unreachable for myself. So what I'm really doing is setting myself up for failure so I can just beat myself up again when I don't reach it or them. I've decide no more resolutions just small goals that are more attainable in everyday life that I can do and that I can live with. I used to be ready to run the race as fast I could and be out of breath and frustrated that I could never win the race. Now with life experience I've stopped running slowed down and I'm really looking at all the precious things I really love and appreciate along the road of my life. Health to me is the most important thing in life. I'm speaking of physical health, emotional health and spiritual health.Without it it's impossible to be or do anything else. Then there's relationships that is secondly most important to me. Good relationships with my husband, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings and nieces and nephews. Then everything else is extra extra. Enjoying walks by the river, creating things, looking at art, experiencing something new, watching a good movie or reading a good book and it goes on,,,I challenge everyone this year slow down appreciate people you really cherish and your relationships with them. Make goals that are attainable and not tormenting. Remember when your setting goals it's a life change not just a short boogie. Enjoy things you love doing and experience something new. Most of all know that no matter your age you are never too old to experience something new or change things in your life to make them more enjoyable and better!! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and way beyond!!