Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Spin

Wow What a crazy time this is!! I find myself literally going in circles. I start to do one thing and end up doing another thing and another and so on. When I sit down in my work space and start to work on something and I see 4 other things that I'm working on that I haven't finished I will pick it up and start working on that. I do this with 3 or 4 things consistently at a time and feel like I'm spinning in circles. I think half the time I'm looney because I have to work on so many things at one time. I have things I'm trying to work on for my family members and a lot of things I'm trying to accomplish for my shop. If it's for my granddaughters I'm weak in that area and will always put what I'm doing for them first. Not really realistic when your trying to build a shop. So I've decided I'm going to make  a project and life priority lists and make myself stick to it ninety percent of the time. I have to have time that I block out just for me to work on projects and things I need to get done as well as blocking time for me to go take walks, exercise and spend time with people. So I think I spin a lot but the holiday season certainly makes my world spin a little more. So lists here I come!! Am I the only one that can't do one thing at a time? Anybody else like me that needs to make priority project and life lists and stick to them? This is a beautiful time of year though. All of the sights, sounds and smells. I love that and it makes all the craziness bearable for me! Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

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