Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Does Packaging Really Matter?

Does packaging really matter? I have read so much about this topic but hadn't experienced it to know if it really does. That is until recently. I ordered some merino wool from two different sellers on etsy. One charged double the shipping which was irritating but that isn't the point of this discussion.  However, when I received the package  from the seller who charged more for shipping (which only for this discussion is it irrelevant)! It was in a shipping bag that was too small for it's contents. That was for  starters, then when I opened it the wool was stuffed into  sandwich bag s and over half of it's contents were sticking out of the bags. The wool was waded into the bag and was not appealing at all. I did look past all of this because the wool itself was very pretty. Well that might have been the end of the story until about 3 days later I received my order from the other etsy seller I purchased from that also sold wool. Oh my oh my, was I ever shocked and ever so pleasantly surprised! Ok number one the shipping charges were more than reasonable. Her packaging on just the outside was great. The bag had more than ample room for it's contents! So back to being shocked and pleasantly surprised! I opened the bag and wow the merino wool was so sweetly wrapped in a clear plastic bag with ribbon at the top and a very cute thank you note written on it attached to the ribbon. The merino wool was braided and wrapped like a big fat lolly pop! I felt like I had just gotten something from the candy store. I am very glad that I was able to experience this. As an etsy seller it completely drove the point home to me the importance of packaging and presentation! wow wow wow!! So who do you think I'm going to want to order from again? Absolutely correct, the person with the very reasonable shipping as well as the adorable packaging and cute thank you note.  So to all of us sending product to our customers remember what it looks like when our customers receive their items can make the difference between a repeat customer or not! Now I do want to say if the materials weren't similar or equal in quality then I wouldn't buy again because of the packaging. My point is the packaging made a huge difference as well as the shipping and the quality of the items. I remember her because she went the extra mile to make it more fun to receive. I won't mention the name of the seller who disappointed me but I will mention the name of the seller who impressed me. Her seller name is SweeterStash.etsy.com please go check her out and let her know you heard about her from TheDecorativeBox  Let me know what you think: Does packaging matter to you?  

Take care everyone and until next time, Belva

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  1. Totally agree, Belva - I'd go for the item where the crafter had taken the time and trouble to present their handcrafted goods in a caring, pretty and appealing way! Erika from the Handmade Wednesday Blog link :)